2019 generally ruthless, anguishing for the people of Indian occupied Kashmir

In Indian occupied Kashmir, damaged by killings, crackdowns, captures, year 2019 happened to be the most merciless and anguishing for the mistreated and hapless individuals of Kashmir and biggest violation of international human right bill by India in Indian occupied Kashmir.

2019 generally ruthless, anguishing for the people of Indian occupied Kashmir

According to research Indian soldiers in their nonstop state terrorism martyred 210 guiltless Kashmiris including nine youngsters and three ladies during the year. Sixteen of the saints were slaughtered in authority or phony experiences. The greater part of the saints were exceptionally qualified youth. The killings rendered 29 youngsters stranded and 14 ladies bereaved while 64 ladies were attacked by the men in uniform. Indian powers decimated 249 private houses during the period.

As many as 2,417 human beings have been injured consisting of 827 in pellet firing whilst troops used brute force on protesters and during house raids and crackdowns. 162 human beings lost imaginative and prescient after being hit through pellets in a single eye. 12,892 people such as Hurriyat activists, students, younger boys and girls have been arrested in the course of the year. Some resources say that the whole variety of folks that were detained is over forty thousand. Many teenage Kashmiri boys had been kept hundreds and heaps of

miles far away from their houses in jails of far-flung Indian states like Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

India is doing the human right violations in Indian occupied Kashmir openly which is a snap on the face of UNITED NATION ORGANIZATION by India.