Amnesty International urges India to stop terrorizing of journalists in IOK

While taking a note of reports about bodies of evidence being enlisted against two journalists in involved Kashmir, Amnesty International has solicited the legislature from India to stop terrorizing of journalists in domain.

Amnesty International urges India to stop terrorizing of journalists in IOK

Official Director of Amnesty International India, Avinash Kumar, in an announcement gave today said the two new FIRs against writers in Kashmir that start examinations against them by the police signal the specialists' endeavor to control the privilege to opportunity of articulation. "Provocation and terrorizing of writers through draconian laws, for example, UAPA undermines the endeavors to address the COVID-19 pandemic and makes an air of dread and retaliation. This seriously undermines the human rights certifications of the

individuals of Kashmir and denies the individuals in India and around the globe option to know," he said.


Jammu and Kashmir police have summoned the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) against photojournalist Masarrat Zahra and furthermore started examination against writer, Peerzada Ashiq, for purportedly spreading 'falsehood'.


Avinash Kumar said that under global human rights law, any limitations on the privilege to opportunity of articulation must be obviously vital and proportionate. He stated, the media assumes a critical job in revealing human rights manhandles and is fundamental to educate people in general about the truthful circumstance and measures taken by the legislatures in light of COVID-19. "However over and over, UAPA, India's chief counter-fear mongering law, has been manhandled to target journalists and human right protectors who condemn government arrangements," he lamented.


Avinash Kumar said that the administration of India must not gag the press. It should quickly discharge and drop all charges against columnists Masarrat Zahra, Peerzada Ashiq and other people who remain imprisoned exclusively for practicing their entitlement to opportunity of articulation, he included.