Brutalities of Indian army at peak in IOK

Latest news from occupied Kashmir by India, Narendra-Modi drove fundamentalist BJP government has crossed all restrictions of brutalities, making the lives of the individuals of the Kashmir a horrific experience.

Brutalities of Indian army at peak in IOK

An investigative report discharged by the Research Section of, today, said that killings, captures, cordon and search tasks, utilization of beast power and devastation of houses by Indian soldiers and police had become a standard in the involved region. It said that the new rush of savagery and outrages by the Indian powers had expanded the torments of honest Kashmiris who were at that point enduring hugely due to more than 9 months in length attack and military lockdown forced by India.

The report kept up that in the midst of the quick falling apart political and human rights circumstance in occupied Kashmir, the rising tide of planned and politically roused brutality against the Kashmiris by Indian powers adds up to atrocities.

"Ongoing occurrences of viciousness by Indian powers in involved Kashmir have demonstrated that India appears to follow the strides of Israel. Slaughtering youthful Kashmiris in counterfeit experiences, disfiguring and ravaging their dead bodies deliberately, pulverizing non military personnel properties, wrecking homes and diminishing them to rubble is India's new approach to scare the Kashmiris into accommodation," it said.

The report brought up that as the world fighting coronavirus, India keeps on executing, pester and scare the Kashmiris for the sake of cordon and search tasks. "Indian soldiers have killed around 15 Kashmiris, captured 80 and crushed or harmed upwards of 800 houses and shops during very nearly 300 cordon and search activities in the Kashmir Valley and Jammu district during this month. The soldiers plundered many houses in Badgam region alone," it said.

The report said that unending stories of disaster and injury were surfacing each other day in occupied Kashmir. It said that recently, Indian soldiers depended on the most exceedingly awful sort of vandalism at Nawakadal in Srinagar after they martyred a top of Hizbul Mujahideen, Junaid Sehrai, alongside his partner, Tariq Ahmed, during a cordon and search activity. "Recordings of the military activity making adjusts via internet media show that the soldiers annihilated at any rate 17 houses in the territory. Local people could be seen drenching blazes exuding from and flotsam and jetsam of a few houses devastated in the territory. The inhabitants of the territory told media that the soldiers likewise plundered everything including money, adornments and gas chambers during the activity," it said. It included that a 12-year-old kid recognized as Basim Aijaz, who was harmed because of the utilization of animal power on nonconformists in the region, surrendered to his wounds later.

The report said that before, Indian soldiers likewise martyred an incapacitated kid during an activity and attempted to name him as an aggressor yet reality at long last won that he was blameless and was executed by the soldiers without blinking. It despised that India had now begun a brutal act of precluding the bodies from securing the martyred youth to dispense more torment to their families.

The report called attention to that in spite of using every one of its assets during the last more than seven decades India has wretchedly neglected to smother the Kashmiris' opportunity conclusions and they are resolved to proceed with their obstruction against its unlawful occupation.

The report kept up that abusing worldwide laws Indian soldiers are engaged with atrocities in occupied Kashmir. It said Indian outrages are a major test for the world, which must approach to prevent New Delhi from submitting destruction of the Kashmiris.