India Escalated Anti Pakistan Propaganda After Dossier Presentation: FO

Terms India briefing to foreign envoys "another attempt to implicate Pakistan in some alleged planned attack in occupied Kashmir

India Escalated Anti Pakistan Propaganda After Dossier Presentation: FO
India Escalated Anti Pakistan Propaganda After Dossier Presentation: FO

Foreign Office proponent Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, describing the reputed making known by Indian Ministry of External Affairs as “yet another conceive to badly implicate West Pakistan in some alleged planned attack within the IIOJK”, same on Tuesday that West Pakistan would continue exposing Asian nation and not let the globe community be misled by the Indian info.

He was responding to media queries concerning the rumored making known to a bunch of foreign envoys at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on the alleged tried act of terrorism in Nagrota district within the Indian lawlessly Occupied Jammu and geographical area (IIOJK).
The proponent declared that following presentation of the written record by West Pakistan containing incontrovertible proof of India’s active coming up with, promoting, aiding, abetting, finance and execution of terrorist activities within the country, the Indian government had escalated its anti-Pakistan campaign, marked by false narratives, concocted proof and orchestration of false flag operations.

“The reputed making known by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs is yet one more conceive to badly implicate West Pakistan in some alleged planned attack in IIOJK,” he remarked.
The proponent same the utterly unsupported and uncorroborated allegations were nothing however a mirrored image of desperate efforts on India’s half to salvage its false terrorist act|terrorist act|coercion} narrative against {pakistan|Pakistan|Islamic Republic of West Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} and to divert international attention from its state-terrorism within the IIOJK and state-sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan.

He same {pakistan|Pakistan|Islamic Republic of West Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} had been systematically sensitizing the international community concerning the likelihood of Asian nation enterprise a false flag operation with the intention to implicate Pakistan and jeopardizing regional peace and security. “We previse the globe community yet again,” he added.
A day later, the field-grade officer had rejected as “unsubstantiated” Delhi’s allegations linking West Pakistan to the reputed unskilled act of terrorism in occupied geographical area.
The Indian Chargé d’Affaires was summoned to the field-grade officer to reject the allegations that were at first levelled by the Indian premier and perennial by the Ministry of External Affairs once the Pakistani envoy in city was mixed up registering protest over the alleged planned attack.
The field-grade officer same Indian allegations were meant to “mischievously implicate” West Pakistan in what's being claimed as a “foiled attack” in Nagrota in occupied geographical area.
China had conjointly hurried to protect West Pakistan from Modi’s allegations by recalling “positive contributions” created by Islamabad against world coercion.
“China appreciates the positive contribution by West Pakistan to the international counter-terrorism cause, firmly supports West Pakistan in cracking down terrorist forces. tries that aim to sabotage [China-Pakistan Economic Corridor] square measure doomed to fail,” Chinese Foreign Ministry voice Lijian Zhao had same.

Pakistan has suspect its arch-rival neighbour of aiding and abetting coercion for destabilising the region within the past also, however now the allegations square measure backed by specific proof of finance, training, harbouring, and weapons provide within the form of copies of correspondence, bank transactions and communication intercepts.

“The [specific] proof given by West Pakistan provides a concrete proof of Indian money and material support of multiple terrorist organisations, as well as UN-designated terrorist organisations Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Balochistan Liberation Army and Tehreek-i-Taliban West Pakistan,” Qureshi explained.
The secretary of state earlier told the presser that the recent spike in terrorist attacks, particularly the incidents in Quetta and metropolis, were the manifestation of India’s ‘grand design’. He same Asian nation was doing therefore to destabilise West Pakistan, disrupt its journey towards economic revival, cause political upheaval, and sabotage CPEC.
These actions, the minister same, were being directed by a special cell that works directly beneath Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He same the cell had up to now distributed Rs22 billion among the terrorist teams.
Later, Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed the hope that the globe once observing the “irrefutable evidence” given by West Pakistan wouldn't be able to stay “indifferent or silent” and would “force Asian nation to finish its coercion and convey to justice those chargeable for killing thousands of innocent individuals in Pakistan”.