India snatching identity of Kashmiris: IOK

The RSS-sponsored extremist Modi government is for all intents and purposes executing in staged way its pilgrim pioneer plan in occupied Kashmir on the Israeli example to deny the Kashmiris of their personality and country, in this manner transforming Kashmir into another Palestine.

India snatching identity of Kashmiris: IOK

An expository report discharged, today, by the Research Section of, the mutual Modi system began its detestable arrangement on August 05, a year ago, by canceling Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution that allowed exceptional status and rights to occupied Kashmir and its inhabitants. The report said that the revocation of propositions sacred arrangements was planned for permitting the Indian Hindus to get for all time settled in the region, in this manner transforming the Muslim greater part into minority.


The report said that the Modi government additionally broadened a few administrative laws including new house rules to occupied Kashmir. It called attention to the giving of home status to 300,000 Hindus in Jammu, in net infringement of the UN goals and the global law, is the principal significant advance toward this path. It said that the Kashmiri individuals dread that in excess of 800,000 Indian officers and more than 600,000 transient workers present in the domain may likewise be conceded the residence status in the days to come.


"Kashmiri Muslims are bothered by Hindutva powers in all aspects of India. These mutual powers have conceived an arrangement to complete decimation of Kashmiris. BJP system is actualizing against Muslim arrangements in Kashmir and supplanting the Muslim names of significant spots with Hindu names," the report included.


It further kept up that the BJP and RSS needed satisfaction of their since quite a while ago held want of absolute merger of occupied Kashmir in India and needed to build up Hindu human progress in the region. Be that as it may, it said that daring Kashmiris had consistently opposed all enemy of Kashmiri moves by India before and would thwart these new accursed plans also and would incline toward death over turning out to be captives of Hindu devotee powers.


The report said that it was high time for the worldwide network to take discernment of India's activities in involved Kashmir and consider it responsible for damaging the global laws in Kashmir.