Indian Army subject peaceful protesters to firing in kashmir

Latest news from occupied Kashmir, a few people including a lady were harmed after Indian police turned to brutality on peaceful protesters in Srinagar.

Indian Army subject peaceful protesters to firing in kashmir

A mother and her child were harmed after Indian police shot pellets and teargas shells inside a house during anti-India protest in Khankah-e-Mo'alla zone of the city. Individuals in enormous number rampaged and challenged visit cordon and search activities and provocation by Indian powers in the zone. The peaceful protesters raised enemies of India and professional opportunity mottos. Police captured over twelve youth during house attacks and search tasks in various territories of Badgam region.

In the interim, portable network access kept on staying suspended over the Kashmir valley for 6th back to back day, today.The cell phone administration has additionally not been re-established in Pulwama and Shopian locale. India suspended the mobile internet services after the murdering of Hizbul Mujahideen administrator, Riyaz Naikoo, on May 6.

As the world is occupied with battling COVID-19 pandemic, India, as a feature of its enemy of Kashmir arrangement, is chipping away at war-balance to concoct an arrangement to abridge Muslim seats in the Kashmir gathering through manipulating for the sake of delimitation of voting public. In such manner, New Delhi has just set up the Delimitation Commission to propel the vile motivation.


Then again, baffled by persistent opposition by the individuals of Jammu and Kashmir against India's unlawful occupation, New Delhi has begun taking edgy measures to dupe the two individuals both at home and abroad. Trustworthy sources are of the feeling that having understood that India can't win its war in occupied Kashmir, it has depended on dumb strategies like telecom climate of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan to shroud its thrashing in the occupied region.

In London, Labor Party pioneer, Keir Starmer, through an announcement explained that his gathering's situation on Kashmir has not changed it despite everything underpins and perceives UN goals on the privileges of the Kashmiri individuals. Reacting to an enquiry from the Muslim Council of Britain over his past articulation on Kashmir, Keir Starmer focused on the significance of hearing the voices of the Kashmiri people group and maintaining regard for worldwide law and human rights.