Kashmir HC seeks response from officials on importance of PRC

latest news form Indian occupied Kashmir, the High Court has given a notification to the officials, looking for their reaction on whether Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) has lost its pertinence following annulment of Kashmir's uncommon status by the Indian government, a year ago.

Kashmir HC seeks response from officials on importance of PRC

A bench of Justice Rajnesh Oswal gave a notification to the Secretary, General Administration Department (GAD), because of an appeal documented by one Aradhay Gupta through his advice.

He fought that the candidate was born in Jammu and had undergo all his studies in the region. He said that officials were demanding Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) to empower him to take an interest in the Common Entrance Test-2020 (CET-2020).

He argued that with the annulment of Article 35(A), the idea of PRC has lost its pertinence and as such the equivalent can't be requested by the officials.

According to the latest news from Indian occupied kashmir,  "Complaints be documented emphatically by or before the following date of hearing," the court said and gave notice through email to the secretary GAD for recording protests/reaction. The court posted the request on May 18.