Musthaq condemn 4th PSA on rights protector Untoo

In occupied Kashmir by India, International Forum for Justice and Human Rights Vice Chairman, Mushtaqul Islam has firmly denounced Indian word related experts for slapping fourth draconian Public Safety Act on rights protector and discussion Chairman Mohammad Ahsan Untoo.

Musthaq condemn 4th PSA on rights protector Untoo

Muhammad Ahsan Untoo was captured on fifth August 2019 when India denied Kashmiries of their crucial rights by repealing Article 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution.

Mushtaqul Islam in an announcement said the charges in the fourth PSA are the equivalent, which were referenced in the past three PSAs yet the Indian legal executive following up on the guidelines of the officials has neglected to offer equity to the kept human rights safeguard.


He said that since Muhammad Ahsan Untoo had been effectively uncovering the human rights infringement by India in the occupied domain before the world for a considerable length of time, so he was being exposed to political grudge.

He spoke to all worldwide human rights associations to squeeze India for the discharge Mushammad Ahsan Untoo and other blameless Kashmiries grieving in various Indian prisons for the past numerous months and years.