Sikh leader pays tributes to victims of Blue Star operation

In occupied Kashmir by India, Jammu and Kashmir Youth Social Forum pioneer, Angad Singh has paid eminent tributes to every single Sikh leader and Sikh Sangat explorers who were murdered in Indian Army's operation "Blue Star" in Golden temple from in June 1984.

Sikh leader pays tributes to victims of Blue Star operation

Angad Singh in an announcement gave in Jammu stated, "We in Kashmir remember this day as dark day. Additionally this day is a proof of Sikh and Muslim fraternity directly from Kashmir to Punjab and everywhere throughout the world.

He stated, Indian armed force assaulted Darbar Sahib and slaughtered a huge number of guiltless Sikhs, including three Muslim youth who were challenging the baldfaced assault and profaning of Sikhs greatest strict spot Golden Temple.

JKYSF additionally paid most elevated tribute to Jasjeet Singh, who was shot dead by Indian police during a dissent by Sikh people group individuals in Jammu. It stated, the Indian armed force raged the Golden Temple with tanks, shielded vehicles and helicopters, executing a large number of men, ladies and kids.

The Akal Takht was decreased to rubble in the shelling by tanks, the focal holy place was hit by various projectiles. The passage had a huge part launched, chronicles containing many written by hand duplicates of the Granth Sahib gave under the marks of the Sikh Gurus were burnt up, Angad Singh despised.