Steps to abstain from overlooking Kashmir in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic focused

Latest news about kashmir, Ahmed Quraishi featured the need to create banter among rights" activists and strategy specialists on the most proficient method to connect the worldwide talk on the pandemic and lockdowns to Kashmir.

Steps to abstain from overlooking Kashmir in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic focused

According to the latest news from Indian Occupied Kahsmir, This locale keeps on living under a lockdown and a large number of individuals were denied of free utilization of the web and correspondence applications.

This has upset ordinary life, added to mental torment and potentially exacerbated the spread of COVID-19 in the valley, Quraishi said.

Prof. Shagufta Ashraf said that the announcement by the leader of UN Security Council, Ambassador Jose Singer, to Indian paper "The Hindu" for India and Pakistan to stop threats in Kashmir, is evidence that the worldwide consideration stays concentrated on Kashmir regardless of the pandemic.

She proposed a few thoughts for Kashmiri activists and for the administration of Pakistan to embrace, particularly utilizing the web, cell phones and web based life to keep Kashmir in the news.

The online course centered around a district of the world that has been under the longest lockdown in present day history, where about 8,000,000 individuals couldn't move openly or

utilize the web.

Kashmiris, worldwide human rights activists, columnists, and representatives from Pakistan, the OIC, and from other significant nations have endeavored to accomplish high perceivability for Kashmir in the course of recent months.

Presently there was some worry that this worldwide enthusiasm for Kashmir may be influenced.

Kashmir was off the worldwide radar for quite a while however reappeared as a subject of universal enthusiasm after 2016.The United Nations has discharged two far reaching milestone reports, in 2018 and 2019, on human rights" infringement predominantly in Indian-involved Kashmir and a few national parliaments, in United States, United Kingdom, and France, have held hearings on the circumstance in Kashmir lately.

Worldwide attention to the compassionate and political emergency inside Kashmir stays extraordinary gratitude to a nimble universal media. In any case, this consideration on Kashmir dangers being side-lined by the novel coronavirus episode.

This was the reason five Kashmir activists and strategy specialists met up online by means of a video conferencing application to talk about approaches to adjust to a post-COVID19 world while keeping center around the circumstance of Kashmiris who live under a draconian lockdown since August 2019.