Tawheedi condemns slapping of PSA on party pioneer

In Indian occupied Kashmir, the Acting Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League (JKML), Farooq Ahmed Tawheedi, has censured the proceeded with unlawful detainment of gathering pioneer, Hayat Ahmed Butt, and slapping of draconian law, Public Safety Act (PSA), on him.

Tawheedi condemns slapping of PSA on party pioneer

Today news from Indian occupied Kashmir, Farooq Ahmed Tawheedi in an announcement gave in Srinagar lamented that Hayat Ahmed Butt had been under unlawful confinement for as far back as a while in Srinagar yet as opposed to discharging him due to the fatal coronavirus danger, the specialists booked him under the PSA.

He said that the coronavirus had immersed the whole globe and the legislatures over the world were battling to spare the humankind from the infection and had discharged detainees however India, in clothing of authorizing measures to forestall the spread of the savage infection, was exploiting the individuals of involved Kashmir.

Farooq Ahmed Tawheedi said that a huge number of Kashmiri Hurriyat pioneers and activists were illicitly kept in various correctional facilities of India and the involved domain. He said that as opposed to discharging these detainees, New Delhi was exposing them to retribution by drawing out their confinement, putting them at the danger of getting influenced by the lethal coronavirus.

The JKML pioneer said that the Indian soldiers kept on tormenting and capture honest individuals particularly youth on the charges of disregarding the lockdown forced to forestall the spread of the COVID-19.

He asked India to stop its fierce arrangements against the opportunity cherishing individuals of involved Kashmir, discharge every single Kashmiri prisoner and find a way to settle the Kashmir question as per the UN goals and desires of the Kashmiri individuals. 

Farooq Ahmad Tawheedi, paying tributes to Shaheed S Hameed Wani on his affliction commemoration in the interest of JKML authority and laborers, supplicated Allah Almighty to rest his spirit and other Kashmiri saints in interminable harmony.