Ali Gilani warns India against dishonor martyr’s bodies

According to today’s news from Indian occuupied Kashmir, the Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), Syed Ali Gilani has rebuked Indian authorities for not giving over bodies of the martyrs Ashiq Ahmad Magray and Asif Ahmad Dar to their families for legitimate internment under Shariah.

Ali Gilani warns India against dishonor martyr’s bodies

Syed Ali Gilani in an announcement gave in Srinagar said that India had propelled another ploy to ignore Kashmiri martyrs and embarrass their families on the affection of COVID-19 pandemic. He stated, India wouldn't like to hand over the bodies to the martyrs families in an offer to prevent individuals from demonstrating their regard to the individuals who battle for the opportunity and against the abuse of the individuals of Jammu and Kashmir. He brought up that by halting groups of the saints to see their friends and family, last time, and not to let them to play out their last rituals has just uncovered India's actual face before the world.

"India is terrified of the last rituals of the martyrs. Such dread in word related powers is an image of a lost battle between individuals of Jammu and Kashmir and the occupier, India," he said.

 The APHC Chairman additionally said that saps of India including local police are mortifying groups of the martyrs on the affection of doing DNA test to confirm the martyrs. "The families recognize their friends and family and they reserve no option to retain groups of the martyrs. On the off chance that India feels that it can break our purpose, at that point time will demonstrate that New Delhi will fall upon its knees before the desire of the individuals," Gilani focused.

"What would be inevitable is clear, all the strategies utilized by India to break the individuals of Kashmir have flopped pitiably and the obstruction will proceed till the last Indian soldier leaves Jammu and Kashmir," he promised. He asked worldwide network to pay heed to the grave infringement of the universal law by India in involved Jammu and Kashmir and requested that Pakistan raise this issue at the worldwide discussions. He likewise asked the world to guarantee that the Kashmiri detainees moping in various prisons in and outside Kashmir are dealt with appropriately.

"India can go to any stage to hurt individuals of Jammu and Kashmir and any untoward happening to our detainees will be a purposeful endeavor to bargain their lives," he cautioned, including that India reserved no privilege to retain them in its prisons and they should be discharged right away. He solicited the individuals from Jammu and Kashmir to stay careful to the Indian specialists who are blockading zones for the sake of Covid19.