people in Indian occupied Kashmir fighting both ‘Modivirus and coronavirus' : Sardar Masood Khan

Azad Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan said that our brethren inside the held area are doing combating both Modivirus and coronavirus.

people in Indian occupied Kashmir fighting both ‘Modivirus and coronavirus'  : Sardar Masood Khan

"The Indian government has no procedure to react to coronavirus in involved Kashmir," he underlined and said that an enormous number of Kashmiri individuals confined within the Indian detainment facilities are uncovered by the Indian government to the irresistible infection.


He expressed this while conversing with a designation of the ulema of varied ways of thinking who approached him here at Aiwan-e-Sadr under the administration of the Secretary Religious Affairs Sardar Javed Ayub. Different individuals from the designation included Mufti Mehmoodul Hassan Ashraf, Maulana Syed Ghulam Yasin Shah, Maulana Zahid Asri, Maulana Mohammad Altaf Safi, Prof. Qazi Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, Maulana Danyal Shahab, Maulana Mufti Mohammad Ibrahim Aziz, Maulana Farid Abbas Naqvi and Maulana Nazir Qadri.


While censuring the Indian government for accusing Tablighi Jamaat for spreading coronavirus, the AJK president stated, why coronavirus didn't spread due to several Hindu celebrations held across India with the support of an outsized number of people during an identical period?


"The Indian rulers have thought of the trick to occupy consideration from the circumstance made by an infection and thus the frustration of the Indian government to contain it".


Sardar Masood Khan focused on ulema, mushaikh and supplication pioneers to support the resolve of the individuals within the wake of novel coronavirus to form the campaign against the pandemic a triumph.


"The ulema should keep watch on the components giving unapproved orders to make disagreement among the majority and hurting the between group solidarity of the Muslims," he said.